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I am passionate about helping others create a loving, thriving and productive environment through community solutions. I believe serving others is the greatest accomplishment that there is, and should be done in a way that elevates each individuals well being as well as provides comfort and sustainability.

As a 17+ year social service nonprofit veteran, I have worked in all forms of social service as well as the community; and it is my unbiased perception of individuals and the ever changing world, that has inspired and motivated consumers, sponsors and providers. An unbiased perception that has been gained from altering my vantage point to the inside out, so whether its providing community protection services to Individuals with developmental disabilities, Sitting for 16+ ours with Substance abusers as they detox and work towards sober living, walking along side families as they transition from poverty to sustainability, taking the time to go on an adventure down memory lane with our elderly to get an answer for a today problem, or even a quiet wide open view while walking skid row at 3am.

There is no place I wont go and no person I wont speak to. It has been my willingness to enter any environment at any moment to get a people based solution that allows me to fulfill specific needs related to program development and social change.

I believe that the “Difference” is not one thing. It’s Everything.