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"Life and work has been getting increasingly more bizarre, and more than once a week I find myself going into the BusinessMinds.com campus to just have real conversations with other entrepreneurs. It's so refreshing to have a community like this to learn and to grow. No judgement. Just real people wanting to be there and support one another with their expertise. I love it."

Michelle Keefer, Founder of MK Consulting

" I knew I wanted to do but just needed a solid proven road map to get their. I found The Business Minds and their simple to follow courses coupled with the guidenance of the community really helped me on the path to success."

Andrew McGregor, CEO of Motivated Web Hosting

"For all those new entrepreneurs and startups you can't go wrong with guidance offered through The Business Minds. They were instrumental in helping me build a foundation for my business. Thanks for all you've done."

Jacky Flint, @jacky_flint

"I've knew Christopher Shaw for a while now and he has helped me with building a mindset for entrepreneurship. So when he said he was going to build a entrepreneur campus using those same principles, I was all in from day one. The campus is great and I have learned even more."

Anthony Jackson, Founder of The Big Symphony

"The campus is filled with loads of great resources that can help anyone in business no matter the level you are at. I recommend it all the time."

Robert Broot, CEO of 806 Pool Services