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Maria March 29, 2023

Using all of the information you gathered in the course so far, you can finally start drafting your lead magnet now.

First, let’s review the steps we’ve covered:

  1. Identify the goal of your lead magnet
  2. Define your ideal customer
  3. Pick a topic for your lead magnet:
  1. What questions are you asked most often?
  2. What are your customers’ top pain points?
  3. What solution can you provide for one specific problem?
  1. Choose your lead magnet format.

Now you’re going to get down to the nitty-gritty and do the work to actually create your lead magnet.

Lead Magnet Checklist

As you start creating your lead magnet, use this checklist to ensure that it meets all the key criteria that we discussed earlier.

  • Is it Specific? – Your lead magnet must offer a very specific solution to a very specific problem to a very specific audience.
  • Does It Address One Issue? – You’ve identified your audience’s one big issue or problem that you can solve. Stick to just one thing.
  • Does It Solve The Problem? – Does your solution truly qualify as a solution? Your lead magnet must truly offer up what it promises to do.
  • Is it Valuable? – Not only should it have a perceived as high value, it should actually be of high value. Your lead magnet cannot look, feel or seem free. Your audience should be wowed when they get it.
  • Does it Offer Immediate Gratification? – Leave the long video courses and multi week solutions to upsells for later. This lead magnet should be something that they can put to use and see results with now.
  • Can They Consume It Quickly? – You’re bringing people into your product funnel with the lead magnet so you want them to be ready to move on to a paid product as soon as possible.
  • Does it Help Build the Relationship? – If your lead magnet is created with the same pride you create paid products, it will do so much more than just bring them into your funnel. It will build the beginnings of trust and a relationship.

Create a Timeline

You’ll need a timeline for development, delivery and assessment of your lead magnet. You can use this sample timeline and adjust it to fit your own schedule. Depending on the complexity of your lead magnet, the entire lead magnet creation can be completed over a six day period or less. Adjust the schedule as necessary to fit your own timeline needs and availability based on any other activities you have going on.

To Do


Research Your Audience

Day 1

Determine Your Topic

Day 1

Assess your Resources

Day 1

Determine the Type of Lead Magnet

Day 2

Determine Delivery Method

Day 2

Determine What Tools You’ll Need

Day 2

Write the Script or Design of Your Lead Magnet

Day 3

Make an Outline

Day 3

Develop a Draft of Your LM

Day 3

Edit the LM

Day 3

Finalize Your Lead Magnet

Day 4

Publish Your LM in Final Format

Day 4

Set Up Promotion of Lead Magnet

Day 3 & 4

Set Up Follow-up Autoresponder Series

Day 3 & 4

Create Landing / Opt-in Page

Day 4

Push Traffic to Landing/ Opt-in Page

Day 5

Assess Results

Day 6 Plus

In addition, during the study of your audience, note when the best time is for them to receive the lead magnet. You need to consider any holidays that affect your audience as well as the time of year it is. Different audiences will respond better at different times.

Keep your entire schedule in mind as you create the timeline for this project. You don’t want to accidentally create roadblocks for yourself. Schedule in everything that you have to do, and then work in the lead magnet creation so that you can get it accomplished on schedule.

Here’s a simple series of steps you can follow now to create your lead magnet:

  1. Create a timeline and put it in your calendar along with the other everyday things you do
  2. Identify who can help you, and assign appropriate duties to them
  3. Rid yourself of roadblocks
  4. Set and stick to deadlines.

Action Steps:

  1. Review all your notes regarding your goal, target market, problem to be solved, and format.  If you have not completed these, create an action plan to do so.
  2. Create your lead magnet and/or set a deadline to do so.
  3. Use the Lead Magnet Checklist to make sure your lead magnet meets the criteria listed in the module to make sure it’s effective.