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Maria March 29, 2023

Now that you have finished everything and have planned your promotion, you’ll need to start evaluating whether or not the actions you’re taking are working. Start with a private test to ensure all the components are working. You can do this yourself or invite a few people who are active in your circle to test everything out for you.

Use your testers’ feedback to perfect anything that needs to be fixed. Ensure that potential subscribers have no issues following the sequence of events required to obtain the lead magnet. Make sure the lead magnet is delivered in such a way that the prospects understand.

You know your audience best, but it doesn’t hurt to ask someone in your audience to test out your lead magnet first for a discount or other extra offer. Look at each part of your opt-in page and sequence of events through your audience’s eyes to ensure it all works together in a cohesive, simple way.

Check Your Metrics

The BeInfinite platform has the ability to allow you to see the numbers so you can watch what is happening. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly what is working and what is not. What’s great about doing things online is that there is always room for tweaking and improving as you go forward with your offer.

Some metrics you should look at are:

  • Opt-in Rates: How many people are visiting your opt-in page compared to how many are actually finishing the process and becoming subscribers (your conversion rate)?
  • Lead Magnet Downloads: How many people who complete the opt-in process are actually downloading the lead magnet? If this isn’t very close to 100 percent, check to ensure that everything is working properly.
  • Email Series Open Rates: After your prospects have gone through the entire process, do they read the emails you have sent? What percentage reads? What percentage does not read? If high percentages aren’t opening, try tweaking the subject lines.
  • Email Click-Through Rates: How many people who open and read your emails are clicking through your CTAs? What is the average? If it’s low, you may want to tweak your CTAs.
  • Unsubscribe Rates: Are those who received your lead magnet staying on the list or unsubscribing quickly? If they’re leaving in droves, perhaps your lead magnet is not targeted correctly on the right audience.
  • Sales: Have your sales increased due to your lead magnet? Have your “likes”, “follows”, and circle of influence grown? Has your email list grown? If everything has grown but sales stay the same, try revising your sales page to make it more effective.
  • All these metrics are available to be measured in your account in the Beinfinite platform.

Use the metrics you gather to tweak your campaign as needed. Revise different elements of your funnel according to the suggestions we’ve included to help everything work better. However, if your lead magnet funnel is working don’t change anything. When you do change things, try altering just one small aspect at a time. For example, change a headline or a subject line, or make the buttons bigger. But don’t do everything change at once.

Here’s a simple series of steps you can follow to guide the evaluation of your lead magnet.

  1. Ask a couple of people within your audience to test the full funnel
  2. Test each part of the sequence yourself
  3. Tweak anything you notice that doesn’t work properly
  4. Determine which metrics you’ll evaluate
  5. Determine how you’ll evaluate those metrics (look to your software for analytics that you can use)
  6. Repeat

Action Steps:

  1. Create an evaluation plan for your lead magnet. Use the provided table to identify how and when you’ll measure along the way.