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Mindset Conclusion & Next Steps

Christopher December 3, 2020

Even a small shift to your mindset can affect a tremendous amount of change in your life. In this course, you have learned how to make these changes step by step. It all starts with identifying the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and transforming them into the beliefs of the growth mindset.

While you may have carried these beliefs with you throughout your lifetime, you can dispel them and make a positive change in your life in the time it takes you to reframe your thoughts and put your new beliefs into practice.


There are three fundamental steps that will make your new mindset take root:



  1. Awareness – The negative thoughts that interfere with your success are often hidden just below the surface. These thoughts are in your mind, but they are NOT YOU. It is critical to understand this. We often identify with the negative inner critic and mistake it for ourselves.
  2. Reframing – Once you know the inner thoughts that are stopping you, you can address them and turn them into something positive. An easy way to do this is to imagine that you’re talking to a friend. When you imagine that you’re talking to a friend, you’ll naturally put a positive spin on what you say.
  3. Action – Now, take the original action you wanted to perform before but that your inner voice was holding you back from. You’re ready to take it on with a positive growth mindset.


It is incredibly easy to fall back into old mindsets. Your change won’t happen overnight. Keep this course book and these steps handy, and review from time to time. Stay ever vigilant against limiting beliefs, which can try to come creeping back into your subconscious.

The growth mindset is a habit. Once you start turning your negative thoughts around, it will get increasingly natural to do.



Action Steps:

  1. Review your Action Steps in each of the modules.
  2. List the steps you need to take next to complete the challenges you created for yourself for the growth and entrepreneur mindsets.
  3. Print out the graphic of the 3-step process (awareness, reframe, action) and put it someplace visible (in your office or on your desk). Refer to it anytime that voice creeps in and tries to hold you back.