How To Become The Go-To Person In Your Industry On Social Media

How To Become The Go-To Person In Your Industry On Social Media |

Most of us will find that when we think of a particular niche, industry or topic, a specific name will come to mind. Perhaps ‘Pat Flynn’ is who you go to when you’re interested in passive income. Or maybe ‘Tim Ferriss’ is your go-to guy for productivity.
Either way, these are the names that transcend their own small group of followers to the point where they become internet celebrities. These are the most trusted authorities on the net and when we have a question relating to their niche we will often look to them to answer or at least to provide their opinion.

You’ll know that someone has reached this point for you when you start prefixing Google searches with their name or their site name.

The question is: how do you reach that point? How can you become the go-to person in your own industry? It’s a massive challenge but of course someone has to succeed, so it may as well be you!

Consistent Quality

The single most important thing to do is to make sure that you are providing consistent quality information. This means you should be sharing the kinds of insightful tips and advice that people don’t get anywhere else.

This is one of the reason that in-depth blog posts are so popular at the moment. While you can come across millions of generic short posts on a topic, it’s the bloggers that take the time to really dive into a subject and to pick it a part that offer the most value. If you can promote your content through social media and you make sure that you are offering something that your visitors can’t get anywhere else each time they find you, then you’ll find that they start actively seeking out your opinion.

Obviously this still takes time for people to find you though, so you need to make sure you don’t just do it once – but you keep doing it over and over again.

Be Approachable

Also important is to seem like a real human being. Don’t be afraid to show some personality – while you want to remain professional, being down to earth can actually help you to show integrity. Think about it: would you rather get up-to-date information from a text-book or from an expert who you also happen to know and who can explain it well and answer questions? Be a real person and you’ll build trust.

Align Yourself

Finally, make sure you align yourself with other trusted authorities in your field. This can mean getting them to vouch for you but even if you mention them it can still help your readers to make the association which will boost your credibility.


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